Benefits of Quitting

Chances are good you are already aware of the many benefits of quitting.  Family and friends have probably been preaching to you for a while!. You might even call it nagging!  Their intentions are good, they just don't know the first rule of quitting:

"Nobody has ever quit just because
someone else wanted them to quit."

So at the risk of being called a nag we just want to remind you of all the great benefits of stopping smoking!

Health Benefits

No matter your age, there is nothing that you can do to improve your health that will have a greater impact than quitting smoking.

But, of course, you've already heard those things and by now, if you were going to quit for those reasons, you would have done so long ago.

But, now that you are thinking about quitting, consider all the good things that will happen to your body, beginning as soon as you finish that last cigarette on your 29th day of SMOKENDERS.


There is probably no better financial investment you can make today that is better than simply quitting smoking with SMOKENDERS and then, rather than spending the money saved from not smoking, invest that money properly.  The results of such an investment program are truly astonishing!


Certainly, the Health and Financial benefits of quitting are pretty astonishing, but neither can really compare with the tremendous improvement in your self-esteem that you will enjoy as a non-smoker!

Conquering cigarettes will be a major milestone in your life!

"For many years, I never told anybody how ashamed I was when smoking in front of my kids while at the same time telling them to never smoke. SMOKENDERS showed me how to break my smoking habit and I am now proud of my life-changing accomplishment."


Provo, Utah  - 2017 Graduate
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