You have just taken the first step to Actually Quitting Smoking!

This may be the BEST INVESTMENT of your entire life!

Your tuition cost for the Smokenders Course of $297 will be fully recovered in cost savings within 10 days of your graduation.  (If you smoke less than a pack per day, it could take a little longer.)   From their "Quit Day", our average graduate saves more than $2,000 per year in cigarette costs alone.   Just think about that!


Just do your part in completing the 7 week course, following the class assignments, and graduating.  If you fail to quit smoking by that time, you may re-take the course or received a full refund, at your option,  no questions asked.
"Since graduating from Smokenders more than 30 years ago, I have used my savings to fund many family vacations.  My savings have amounted to nearly $100,000 ."
D. Seibert
JCincinnati, OH
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