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Some questions we have received.

After I graduate and quit smoking, what happens if I give in to temptation and start smoking again.  Can I get a discount on taking the course a second time?
Your course tuition covers you for life!   If, by chance, you happen to "fall off the wagon"  (few graduates really do!), you are entitled to take the course over again, free of cost.    We are so sure of your success that we just know that you will be quitting for good!
What if I have an emergency arise or I am otherwise unable to complete the whole seven weeks, can I get a refund?
Sorry, but refunds only are processed as part of our Guarantee, which is effective after you graduate from the course.   Of course, you may restart the course at any time simply by sending an email to our support department.
If I miss a week, can I go back and take that week over?
We know that sometimes things arise that can't be helped and you may need to go back and restart the course at a certain week.  This is not a problem, but you will need to contact support and ask them to reset the email sequence that is tied to each day of the course.
I have tried to quit, more than 20 times, using cold turkey, patches or drugs.  How can I be sure that I will have a better experience this time?
Before embarking on the SMOKENDERS course, virtually EVERY ONE of our students has failed at quitting before.   We are so certain of your success that we GUARANTEE that you will quit smoking and become a happy non-smoker - or your money back!
I don't have access to a printer to print the downloaded Weekly Action Steps.  What do I do?

While its really nice to have the Weekly Actions Steps printed out and put into a binder to create a course manual, since thy are in pdf format, you can read the list from your computer, tablet or phone.  (You might take or send that file to a friend with a printer or to your local print shop for printing.)

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