Linkages and Triggers

While not directly related to the physical addiction to nicotine, the linkages to food, caffeine and alcohol plus, the triggers of emotions and events, cause the desire for a smoke. These linkages and triggers must be resolved before you quit!

Here are Some of the Major Triggers & Linkages


Almost every smoker experiences the desire for a cigarette soon after eating a meal or a snack.  You'll probably remember experiencing that empty feeling that remains, and it seems that the only thing that can relieve that feeling is a  cigarette.

When you attempt to quit without taking linkages like this into consideration, you are destined to suffer!


Stress is an ever increasing part  of our hustle-bustle life in these 24/7 times. Of course most smokers have come to connect the stress in their lives to the need for a cigarette to calm down. 

Problem is, nicotine is not a tranquilizer, it is actually a stimulant, and it is not going to calm you down. In fact, if you artificially stimulate your body and your mind with a cigarette 10, 20 or 30 times a day your stress jumps to dangerous levels. 


Whether it's that morning cup of joe, or a soft drink or a sports drink later in the day, it probably will be accompanied by, and / or followed by, another cigarette! They just seem to go together!

You will learn to break this linkage quite easily!


Situations in our everyday life, both good and bad, often cause us to become anxious. This happens to everybody, smokers and non-smokers alike. When these anxiety provoking situations arise, it is normal for smokers to reach for a cigarette as a way of dealing with anxiety.

There are better and healthier ways to handle anxiety than by smoking. We will teach you many!


Whether it's a glass of wine with a friend, or a cocktail or beer with a group of friends, it just seems, for a smoker, that a cigarette is a natural accompaniment for an alcoholic beverage.

Many smokers even think, if they quit smoking, they will somehow be less welcome among their drinking friends.

Turns out, that's not true! 


Our lives consist of various events, some of which are well planned and others not so much. Over time smokers come to relate to certain events as cues to light up. 

It could be something as simple as getting in your car or leaving the smoking-prohibited building where you work or before entering a place where you know you will not be permitted to smoke.

It could be a more negative event like a missed sale or a disagreement with your spouse or a promotion you were passed over for. You will need to understand these triggers and know how to address them before you quit!

There are many such linkages and triggers that are part of the complexity of the smoking habit.
Since none of these are caused by nicotine dependency, using drugs, patches or vaping or attempting to quit by will power alone, usually ends up unsuccessfully.

However, with SMOKENDERS, all aspects of the smoking habit are handled before you quit. With SMOKENDERS, stopping smoking is easy and your success is guaranteed!

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Working in a University center , having a large family of non-smokers, and being married to a career ICU nurse, I have been under direct and indirect criticism and pressure to quit, but I managed to prevail until my motorcycle accident and a close brush with death.  This stimulated me to try out Smokenders.  Now, 18 months later, I can only wonder why I didn't find Smokenders years ago!  Thank you, Smokenders!


Civil Engineer
A 2 pack per day smoker for more than 10 years, as a recent graduate, Jim keeps on asking how he can spread the word about SMOKENDERS!

Lexington, Ky, 2016 SMOKENDERS Graduate
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