About Us

Headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, Smokenders markets and supports the Smokenders Online and Vapenders  products from there.  Licensees are responsible for their respective countries and territories.
Since 1969, every person who has moderated or become a licensee of the SMOKENDERS network is actually a graduate of the course. Having been smokers ourselves, we understand the feelings and thoughts of smokers contemplating quitting, and we can identify with you.

SMOKENDERS was created by a smoker, for smokers, and has always been taught by smokers! 

We love being able to assist smokers in their journey to becoming non-smokers once again. Our goal:

Teach the last smoker on Earth
how to quit.

Ready for Action?

You can get through Registration and Account Setup very quickly and be actually starting your journey to once again being a non-smoker in just a few minutes!  Click this button and Best Wishes!
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