SMOKENDERS Program Synopsis

The Program consists of  seven, weekly, video, sessions that can be viewed on your computer, tablet or phone.  Each session lasts between 30 and 45 minutes. In addition to the weekly video sessions, you will be asked to perform some simple daily activities, which take about 10 minutes per day, called "Daily Action Steps". These copyrighted steps are an integral and necessary part of the SMOKENDERS approach and help you break your smoking habit before you stop smoking. To a large extent, they count for SMOKENDERS overwhelming success. 

Each week, you will download a new list of Action Steps, coordinated with that week's session.The sessions are structured to be viewed seven days apart. - to provide time for the Action Steps to be effective.  This step-by-step program structure ensures that you are introduced to various elements in a building block manner - issue upon issue.  This format has been thoroughly tested, over 49 years,  and proven to work effectively.


Introduction to the Course, Downloads, Action Steps, Facebook Closed Group, support emails, etc.

The 4 pillars of Smokenders:  Physical, Psychological, Cultural and Social.

Action Steps for Week One
The psychology of Smoking explained
What prevents Quitting
Smoking habit examined
Daily Action Steps
Reasons you smoke


The Rationale of Smoking.   Understanding what's going on in your mind when you smoke.

Action Steps for Week Two
Reasons for Quitting
Recognizing the Signs
Self-Pity is an obstacle


How your emotions are intertwined with your smoking habit and how to break the patterns created by stress and anxiety.

Action Steps for Week Three
Re-Coding Stress Periods
The Fatigue of Smoking
Rewarding Your body


Getting ready for your actual Quit Day and explaining the events that occur when you finally quit.  You are now prepared to quit!

Action Steps for Week Four
Preparing for Quit Day (29th day)
Prescription for Wellness
Self Acknowledgement & Affirmation
Symptoms of Recovery
Adjustments to Make


How to handle the day-to-day obstacles and how to handle these things effectively.

Action Steps for Week Five
Avoiding Sandtraps
Emotional Maturity
Thinking like a Non-Smoker
Remembering the Reasons you quit


Enjoying the non-smoker lifestyle once again, including planning for use of the money saved by not buying cigarettes any longer.

Action Steps for Week Six
Preventing Weight Gain
Rewarding Yourself
Self Awareness
Emotional Reactions


A dramatic and life-changing event in your life has just occurred!    Dealing with your feelings concerning being a non-smoker and some "secret helpers" for post graduation!

Action Steps for Life as a Non-Smoker
Dealing with Problems
Avoiding Certain Situations
Possible Future Triggers
Instant Helpers
Graduation Day!

Ready for Action?

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