Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions we have received.

Q.  Does Smokenders still teach in-person classes?
A.  No,  Due to the increased costs of moderator pay and travel, the in person classes that for decades were taught in hotel meeting rooms and corporate training centers, were discontinued in 2001 in favor of the more efficient and cost effective online course.
Q.  I am a Smokenders graduate and I've had a relapse.  Can I get a discount to re-take the course again?
A.  As long as you have evidence that you successfully took the course in the past, you may re-take the course without charge.  Your completion certificate or membership card will do, but if you don't have either, contact us at and we can find you on our records. (They go all the way back to 1969).
Q. I am allergic to certain drugs.  Will that be a problem?
A.  No!  We do not use any patches, gums, mints, or drugs of any kind.  These are completely unnecessary!  You will LEARN how to quit.
Q.  I don't have a printer. Can I take the course without downloading instructions?
A.  It is handy if you have a printer, but all downloads are provided in pdf format, so you can simply save them on your computer, tablet of phone.

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