Introduction to Smokenders

Do you know that feeling that you get after a meal, or when driving a car, or when you are under stress?  That sort of empty, something-is-missing feeling?  You probably reach for a cigarette at those times.

Those times and their cravings are driven by much more than just your addiction to nicotine!

Developed by Smokers for Smokers


We will actually insist that you continue to smoke, as much as you like, while you learn how to quit. 

To abruptly quit without knowing how, has a 97% chance of just being yet another failed cold-turkey attempt.

You don't want to do this to yourself.


In a structured way, we will guide you, step-by-step along a proven path to quitting smoking, calmly and comfortably.

No other program teaches you in this very effective manner and our results reflect that difference!


With more than a million graduates over 52 years, and with the highest efficacy rate in the industry,
SMOKENDERS has proven itself to be the most effective smoking cessation program of its type in the world!
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Debbie Rossi, Sidney, Australia.

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