Linkages and Triggers
AKA - "The Habit"

Far more than the simple addiction to the chemical substance Nicotine, What smokers mean when they call it the Smoking "Habit", is all of the various linkages and triggers that provide an emotional need to smoke a cigarette!

The Linkages

As you smoke more and more, you develop linkages between cigarettes and Food, Caffeine and Alcohol.  Most smokers crave a smoke shortly after eating and relate how wonderful it tastes.

It just seem natural to have a cigarette with that morning cup of coffee, doesn't it?  It's almost a requirement for most smokers.

Later, with a cold beer, wine or mixed drink, smoking seems to lessen the effects of alcohol, doesn't it.

While these are learned behaviors, we will show you how to "unlearn" them and replace them with good, healthy habits.  Psychologists call these "Conditioned Responses" and are rather simple to work on, step-by-step in a structured program, like Smokenders.

The Triggers

Over the years that you've smoked, the receptors in your brain are conditioned to respond to the emotions that you experience during your life.
Things like Sadness or Depression or Anxiety all cause your organs to secret hormones which act like triggers to the receptors of the brain and you soon find yourself lighting up a cigarette to provide a distraction to you.  Some people think this provides a calming effect, but that really may not be entirely accurate.
The strongest of these emotions is Stress. Whenever you are faced with bad news or a difficult situation, particularly with your career or family relationships, the stress can be incredible.

These triggers can be extremely powerful and are one of the major reasons why most smokers are unsuccessful when quitting "cold Turkey"!
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