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Our goal is simple: since 1969, Smokenders we have aimed to help smokers quit the habit for their health and wellbeing.

Since 1969, every person who has moderated or become a licensee of the Smokenders network is actually a graduate of the course. Having been smokers ourselves, we understand the feelings and thoughts of smokers contemplating quitting, and we can identify with you.

Smokenders was created by a smoker, for smokers, and has always been taught by smokers!

We love being able to assist smokers in their journey to becoming non-smokers once again. 

Our goal:

Teach the last smoker on Earth how to quit.

Quit Smoking with Smokenders. Guaranteed.

5 Star Rated

Our Smoking Cessation Training is 5-star rated by actual customers who have succeeded in ending their nicotine habit

Scientific Proof

We measure our success rate rigorously, and can say with certainty that our course is more impactful than pricy patches or Cold Turkey alone

Guaranteed Results

We are so confident in your ability to succeed with our program that we offer a comprehensive guarantee

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Smokenders offers a wide variety of options for your budget, including low monthly payments

You Can Quit Smoking Easily!

Hear some straight-talk from our staff on the largest hurdles on your road to recovery from nicotine addiction.

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We keep you on track to recovery with buy-in

We Commit to You!

When you sign up and take the 7 week Smokenders course, including the Weekly Video lessons and Daily Action Steps, you will quit smoking forever. You will be able to do so, easily and painlessly on the 29th day of the course and, the remaining 3 weeks will accommodate your adjustment to once again being a non-smoker!

You Commit to Us

Your payment of $297 for the course ensures that you will be committed to following course instructions and doing your part. Over the years, we have found that student success is directly tied to their financial commitment. And, since a pack per day smoker will recover their tuition cost before graduating, it really won't have cost you anything!

Quit Smoking the Effective Way

You can quit smoking. We can help you learn how!

The data could not be more clear. Behavioral training is an effective and safe way to treat nicotine addiction and to quit smoking for good. Why risk the side-effects and expenses of nicotine patches and therapeutic drugs when a holistic approach is more effective?

Read up on the data with studies from Harvard and Johns Hopkins.

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