You Can Quit Smoking Easily!

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"I am more proud of quitting smoking than almost anything else I have done!  Thank you Smokenders!"
Barry Manilow
Nicotine Frustration

Can't Conquer Nicotine?

Overcoming Nicotine addiction is much easier than you think!  Let us teach you how!
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"After smokng 2 packs per day for 25 years, I quit using Smokenders.  As a professional who has spent his life studying and treatng addictions, I remain impressed by the soundness and ingenuity of Smokenders"
Herbet Kieber, M.D.
Professor, Yale Univ and Director of Div of Substance Abuse, Columbia University.

The Habit

Linkages between cigarettes and food, caffeine and alcohol are often referred to as "The Habit".  These barriers must be overcome before quitting can become permanent.
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"I am looking forward to celebrating my 42nd birthday as an ex-smoker!  I feel so free since I completed the Smokenders course"
J. Messina
Meridian, CT

We Commit to You!

When you sign up and take the 7 week Smokenders course, including the Weekly Video lessons and Daily Action Steps, you will quit smoking forever.  You will be able to do so, easily and painlessly on the 29th day of the course and, the remaining 3 weeks will accommodate your adjustment to once again being a non-smoker!

You Commit to Us

Your payment of $297 for the course ensures that you will be committed to following course instructions and doing your part.  Over the years, we have found that student success is directly tied to their financial commitment.  And, since a pack per day smoker will recover their tuition cost before graduating, it really won't have cost you anything!

We Guarantee Your Success!

The Most Cost Effective Method Available!

Method Efficacy

Ready for Action?

You can get through Registration and Account Setup very quickly and be actually starting your journey to once again being a non-smoker in just a few minutes!  Click this button and Best Wishes!
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