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When you’re hoping to cease smoking, our team is on hand to assist. Since 1969, SmokEnders is the most popular company to help you stop smoking in Memphis TN!

Our mission is simple, to help you quit smoking by harnessing your instinctive behavior and psychology. No harmful pharmaceuticals and no unsightly patches.

At SmokEnders, we have more than 52+ years in business helping smokers like you to stop smoking. The approach is straight-forward, easy, and the most effective available!

Why SmokEnders for Your Memphis TN Smoking Class

Look at the advantages our partners profit from when they partner with SmokEnders to quit the habit.

  • Guaranteed to Stop Smoking. Our company is so sure of your willpower with our program that we will guarantee you will be over smoking after finishing our class
  • Web-based and on Social Media. It is daunting to quit smoking! We support you twenty-four seven with digital micro-lessons and a lively Facebook group
  • The Most Effective. You do not need expensive patches or unproved pills to stop smoking. We offer you the coaching and support you can use to quit, without the expense or perils of medicine!

Why are you waiting for? Enroll today, and we will assist you to launch your hearty and smoke-free life.

How Smokenders Works

It’s a 7 Week course. During the first 4 weeks, you will be required to continue to smoke while you learn how to quit easily.
The last 3 weeks are devoted to teaching you how to become, once again, a comfortable non-smoker.


Each week, you will view 30-45 minutes of videos on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. Click "Learn More" below to see our session synopsis


You will be provided simple Action Steps to do each day to help break certain habits and to create new and healthier ones. The list of daily Action Steps take no more than 10 minutes per day to perform.


You will be enrolled in our private Facebook Group for interaction with other students and you will receive daily supportive emails tied to the course materials of that day of the course.

Your Trusted Partner to Quit Smoking